2013 Kaituna Timetrial Results

Last Saturday we saw the first event in the NZ extreme race series, the Kaituna Timetrial. This is a tough race, especially at low flows, with each sprint taking the top competitors just over 7 minutes. Competitors have 2 timed runs which are then added together for total time to find the fastest paddler down the Kaituna. The last race of the day was a 3 person teams beach ball race. A super fun race where pretty much anything goes, and teams worked together to be the first to get their ball from the top down to the bottom hole, and thwart other teams efforts along the way. It was a great day out on the water and we look forward to next year.

Congratulations to Vavra Hradilek, Luuka Jones and Zak Mutton for taking our their respective categories!

1st Vavra Hradilek
2nd Jamie Sutton
3rd Kenny Mutton

1st Lukka Jones
2nd Louise Jull
3rd Louise Urwin

1st Zack Mutton
2nd Sean Curtis
3rd Cullum Parker


Full Results and times below:

kaituna results

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