2017 WWXL BoaterX @ Wero


Sunday 26 November 2017 the second annual WWXL BoaterX is on at Vector Wero Whitewater park in Auckland. The following weekend after the Kaituna Time-trial, the WWXL 4 person boaterX is held on the Grade 4 section of the course with big prize money up for grabs.

To take home top WWXL BoaterX honours (and the prize money) paddlers are allocated points from BOTH the Kaituna Time-trial AND the WWXL BoaterX, which are then added together for a final points total and ranking.

Entry for the WWXL BoaterX is $140, which includes entry into the Kaituna Time-trial also. (Kaituna TT event only is $25)

WWXL are still taking entries for the BoaterX until Saturday 18th November so head on over to https://wwxl.co.nz/ for more info and REGISTER for the boaterX!


WWXL BOATRX – Points Allocation for All Categories

  K1 K1W
WWXL BOATRX -Kaituna Time Trial 500 500
WWXL BOATRX – Head to Head 500 500
Total 1000 1000

1st Place   100%
2nd Place  88%
3rd Place   79%
4th Place   72%
5th – 18th   less 3% each place

WWXL BOATRX Open Category Prize Money

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
BXK1M  $2,000  $1,500  $1,200  $1,100  $1,000  $900  $800  $700  $600  $500
BXK1W  $2,000  $1,500  $1,200  $1,100  $1,000  $900  $800  $700  $600  $500


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