Buller Festival Boater X Results


Results from the Kayak HQ Boater X at Bullerfest 2018

Open Men

  1. Jesper Soerensen
  2. Carl Whitehead
  3. Stephen Miller
  4. Ryan O’Connor
  5. Gabe Vink Wackernagel
  6. Taylor Weston
  7. Bertriand Gutierrez
  8. Robert Hervey


Open Women

  1. Ari Lalonde
  2. Natalie Carpenter
  3. Sandra Hyslop and Caitlyn Foran
  4. Sarah Hicks
  5. Annika Voekker


Junior Men

  1. Ben Tubbs
  2. Oliver English
  3. Matthias Kolle
  4. Zephyr McGowan
  5. Fraser Hart
  6. Nick Collier
  7. Josh Scarlet
  8. Aiden Cassidy



Junior Women

  1. Lotte Rayner
  2. Madi Gainsford
  3. Hannah Heyward
  4. Casey Heyward

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