Kaituna TT 2018 Results!

Here’s the results for the 1st extreme race of the season. Congratulations to Martina Wegman, Zak Mutton and Pit Rohrer (U18) for taking the top honours. Brendan Bayly took out the long boat category in a Reflex, and Jesper Soerensen, Peter Williams and Blair Trotman took the win in the teams relay race.

Full results list click the links below…

kaituna time trial 2018 – open men

kaituna time trial 2018 – open women

kaituna time trial 2018 – junior


Open Mens Podium from left: George Snook 3rd, Kenny Mutton 2nd, Zack Mutton 1st.



Open Womens podium from left: Capucine Thomas 3rd, River Mutton 2nd (received by Flo), Martina Wegman 1st.


Junior Mens Podium from left: Jack Saies 2nd, Michel Uhl 3rd, Pit Rohrer (Switzerland) 1st


Longboat podium from left: Will Hand 3rd, Brendan Bayly 1st, Dylan Thompson 2nd.


Teams Race Podium

Team Relay Results

1st: ‘Pat Matt and Demfat Killahz’ – Blair Trotman, Jesper Soerensen, Peter Williams.

2nd: ‘Team Joe’ – Lachie Aitken, Oliver English, George Snook.

3rd: ‘Pat Matt and Demfat’ – Dylan Thompson, Matt Coles, Patrick De Jong.

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