Wairoa Winners!

It was another awesome weekend of racing in sunny Bay of Plenty at Wairoa Extreme Race No. 20. A big thanks to Cole O’Connor Stratton and his team for taking on the organisation of this event and putting on a great weekend for all. Mike Dawson topped the men’s field adding a 3rd Wairoa Extreme title to his belt, some 13 years since his last,  with his previous wins in 2004 and 2006. Nikki Whitehead of Te Puke took out her first women’s title, seeing out the time-trial champion River Mutton of Okere Falls in the final.

Pitt Rohrer of Switzerland took out the Junior competition from Okere Falls’ Michel Uhl. Pitt won the junior time-trial and also made it through to the final of the Mens plate round.


Time-trial Results:

Open Men: 1st Matthias Weger, 2nd Mike Dawson, 3rd Brendan Bayly.

Open Women: 1st River Mutton, 2nd Nikki Whitehead, 3rd Anna Bruno.

Junior Men: 1st Pitt Rohrer, 2nd Michel Uhl.

Full time-trial results can be found here… 2019 Wairoa TT Results


Boater X Results to come…


Event organiser Cole O’Connor-Stratton greasing through the rollercoaster.



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