Event Calendars

2018/19 Event Calendar

AG18001 Endless Summer - PRINT_page_1

2017/18 Event Calendar

Endless Summer Calendar - WWXL 2017


2016/17 Event Calendar


2015/16 Event Calendar

White Hot Water Endless Summer

2013/14 Summer Event Calendar

  • 14th December – Okere Enduro Race, Kaituna
  • 21st December – Xmas@Kaituna, Kaituna
  • 11th Jan – Andy Duff Memorial Race, Kaituna
  • 11th/12th Jan – NZ Open Slalom – Mangahao
  • 17th Jan – Okere Falls Champions Race, Kaituna
  • 21st-26th Jan – Australian Slalom Nationals (NZ Jnr Slalom Squad attends)
  • 8th/9th Feb – KAITUNA TIMETRIAL (8th feb), WAIROA EXTREME RACE (9th feb) (NZ Extreme Series)
  • 15th/16th Feb – 21st-23rd Feb – Oceania Championships Slalom, Penrith Whitewater Stadium
  • 22nd Feb – CITROEN EXTREME RACE, Queenstown. (NZ Extreme Series)
  • 28th Feb/1st /2nd March – BULLER FEST, Murchison. (NZ Extreme Series)
  • 21st-25th March NZ Secondary Schools Slalom – Monowai, Southland.
  • 26th March (Wednesday) – NZ Secondary Schools Freestyle – Hawea.
  • 27th/28th/29th /30th March – NZ Slalom Nationals – Hawea.
  • 23rd-27th April – ICF Junior & U23 Canoe Slalom World Championships, Penrith, Australia
  • Freestyle Jam @ Fulljames – Taupo (Date TBC)
  • NZ Freestyle Nationals – Hawea.     (Date TBC)

2 thoughts on “Event Calendars

  1. Hi, just need some clarification on dates as different blogs are indicating different or conflicting dates for the NZ Freestyle Kayak Championships and the Citroen extreme race.

    • Hi Rick,

      The Citroen Extreme Race is this weekend (23rd February) the NZ Freestyle Championships are on the 9th/10th of March at the Hawea Whitewater Park in Wanaka.



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