NZ Extreme Race Series

What is the NZ Extreme Race Series?

The NZ Extreme Race Series brings together five events across the North and South Islands of New Zealand to find the fastest extreme kayakers in the country.

Paddlers are awarded points in relation to their placings in each event with an overall champion crowned at the final event in the series.

Events in the series include the Kaituna Time-trial, Wairoa Time-trial, Wairoa Head 2 Head, Bullerfest boaterX, and the Citroen Extreme Race. Check the event calendar page for this seasons’ kayak event dates.

What are the divisions?

Open Mens, Open Womens, Junior Mens (U18), Junior Womens (U18).

How the points system works
Points from each race will be gathered for 3 out of the 5 races in the series, and will be awarded in the following amounts for each placing.

  1. 50 points
  2. 45 points
  3.  41 points
39 points
38 points
  6. 37 points

and so on down to…

38th place – 5 points

39th place – 4 points

40th place – 3 points
41st place – 2 points
42nd place – 1 point

A full Table of results to their corresponding points can be found here.

For Time-trial events (Kaituna and Wairoa) this points system is straightforward. Below details how this will work in the Head 2 Head events in the series.
In Boater X events (apart from the top 4 in 4 person heats and top 2 in 2 person heats) exact placing’s are not possible to find, unless you have a play off for the losers in each round. So in situations where those play-offs are not held (almost always the case) equal placing’s and points will be given to the losers in their respective round.
For example in the Bullerfest Boater X event (4 person heats), the quarter final round racers knocked out will get 9th place, losers in the round of 32 will get 17th place, and losers in the round 64 of will get 33rd place.

For the Wairoa Head 2 Head race (2 person heats) there is a play-off for 3rd and 4th. But down from that, the quarter final losers will be given 5th placing, losers in the round of 16 will be given 9th placing, and losers in the round of 32 will be given 17th position, and onwards etc etc

Results from each event in the series will be posted on NZEWW’s website and the NZEWW facebook page.

What races count?

Paddlers can go enter in all 5 extreme races in the series, but for the national title only the best 3 results will be counted – you can throw away your worst result. Note: Paddlers eligible for the National title must have competed in BOTH islands. This is to keep it even for both North and Southern paddlers.

How do I enter the NZ Extreme Race series?
To be eligible to race in the National series and receive a National ranking paddlers need to be members NZ Extreme Whitewater which is the national body for extreme racing and freestyle kayaking.

Membership is only $10 and can be paid at registration on race day at any of the four events. At some races this is included in the entry fee for the race.

An NZEWW committee member will be there at each registration to sign you up. Membership is welcomed but not required if just entering a one-off south island event (not organised by NZEWW) and not competing towards the series.  But please support the development of our sport anyway!

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