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Kaituna Time trial

The Kaituna Time trial is held on the Kaituna river, Rotorua, Bay of Plenty. It consists of A time trial race, a 3 person teams boaterX relay race, and finally a long boat race. In 2016 the Kaituna Time-trial will be held on Sunday 20th November.

Categories: Open Men, Open Women, U18 Men, U18 Women, Masters (40 and over)


  • For the Time Trial you will get two race laps down the Kaituna River to post your fastest single lap time, which will count for your overall ranking
  • Time-trial starts from the ramp at the control gates (put-in), all the way down to bottom hole, where there will be a finish banner on river left.


Wairoa Extreme Race

The Wairoa Extreme is held on the top section of the Wairoa river, Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. 2 Events are held on this section- a down river time trial and a 2 person head to head boater cross. The Time trial ranks racers, and from there they are put into a seeded tournament draw (tennis draw) for the head to head.  The 4 racing categories include open men, open women, masters (40 and over) and junior (under 18 on 1st Jan).

Categories: Open Men, Open Women, Junior, Masters (40 and over)

Wairoa Time-trial

  • The Time-trial is a down river sprint from the put-in ledge just below Mclaren falls bridge, (not the seal launch rock) down to a finish banner in the pool above the water fall rapid.
  • Racers start at 1 minute intervals
  • Finish banners must be touched by hand (not paddle)
  • Safety placed at bottom of mothers nightmare and devils elbow/washing machine rapids.
  • If another racer is in trouble in and needs help, other racers must stop to help. Another time trial lap will be given to those helping if needed.

Wairoa Boater X

  • 2 person heats.
  • Race is from the top of the waterfall rapid to the bottom of ‘roller coaster’. Finish line banner on a rock at the bottom of ‘roller coaster’ in the river left eddy.
  • Start is from a tethered raft out in the flow.  Two starters will be holding the back of your boats. Racers will be given a 10 second call, and somewhere in the next ten seconds, the starters will say GO!
  • The racer in each heat that has the highest time-trial ranking has priority on which side he/she wants to start.
  • ‘Chicken chute’ is open for the first few rounds. The hard right line at the bottom is out of bounds, and racers taking this line lose by default. From semi-finals onward it will be compulsory to run the cauldron line.
  • In the open men and women’s categories a plate round will be raced. Winners of first round races continue into the main round, losers into the plate round, so everyone will get at least 2 head to head races.
  • There will be a play-off round for 3rd and 4th. But down from that, the quarter final losers will be given a 5th placing, losers in the round of 16 will be given 9th place, and losers in the round of 32 will be given 17th place and onwards etc etc

Head to Head rules:

  • No hands off the paddle, and no paddling off the body. Pretty much everything else goes.
  •  It is expected that racers are comfortable running this level of whitewater, know the upper section of the Wairoa and are aware of the lines and the main hazards on this section.
  •  For the boater X races there will be a safety raft in the river left eddy at the bottom of roller coaster in case of any undercut encounters.

Citroen Extreme Race

Event Website –

and also

Bullerfest Boater X

Event Website –

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